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Berlin Lake Ohio

Posted on July 17 2013

Berlin Lake Ohio

Berlin Lake Ohio - posted in Northeast Bass Fishing: Has anyone fished berlin lake in ohio? and if so what do i use and where do i find the bass. i heard it was rocky and with willows.

berlin lake ohio

I have heard that the lake is currently up 3 feet...a few friends and I are going to try it tonight from about 7 pm to midnight or so...my plan is to use some bottom bouncers and trail night crawlers close to 224 road bed. Any other& ...

Wilderness and Water, two things I adore!! I do love the water most. Ohio is a gorgeous state. Berlin Lake is one of the prettiest places to visit. I spent five stormy days and five lovely nights at Lakeside Campground waiting to& ...

Press Release for the Ohio Walleye Federation Qualifier #2. May 5th, 2013. Thirty-one teams competed on Berlin Lake during the Ohio Walleye Federation`s second qualifying event sponsored by Ravenna Marine. Teams& ...

Berlin Lake Ohio - posted in Northeast Bass Fishing: Has anyone fished berlin lake in ohio? and if so what do i use and where do i find the bass. i heard it was rocky and with willows.

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