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Blockbuster On Demand

Posted on July 17 2013

Blockbuster On Demand

Blockbuster has been teetering on the edge of oblivion ever since its bankruptcy filing in 2010, but after being bought by Dish Network in 2011, the co.

blockbuster on demand

Once the dominant force in the United States for video rentals, Blockbuster had locations in thousands of towns around the United States, but the arrival of streaming media soon pushed Blockbuster`s outdated model into& ...

Earlier this year Blockbuster relaunched its digital video rental service dubbed “Blockbuster on Demand” by releasing apps for Android, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, PC &...

Blockbuster`s been going through a bit of a reinvention over the last few years. It`s retail stores are closing in staggering numbers as the company.

Blockbuster has been teetering on the edge of oblivion ever since its bankruptcy filing in 2010, but after being bought by Dish Network in 2011, the co.

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