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Britain`s Got Talent Dog Gin

Posted on July 17 2013

Britain`s Got Talent Dog Gin

Amazingly talented dog named Gin in Britans got Talent Semi Finals.

britain`s got talent dog gin

Ok, watched this and then saw the comments about Ashley and Pudsey… wasn`t Ashley in 2012? This vid of Gin was uploaded in 2010… Gin`s owner is amaaaaazing, she read a FUTURE contestant`s mind… oooh. Love ya& ...

I LOVE how Simon couldn`t stop going on and on about the dog`s dancing abilities :D You rarely see Simon ever get THAT excited over an act. That makes it all the more amazing :D. Владислав Слепченко says: July 12& ...

Britain`s Got Talent - Gin the clever funny dog... Sooo funny!!! 世界の面白わんこ動画,ワンコの動画を集めてみました。毎日更新中!

Amazingly talented dog named Gin in Britans got Talent Semi Finals.

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